Meet the team – Mia Morris

Mia Morris’s first art project that saw the light of day was what became known as the funkyrotic project. Heavily underpinned by the eroticism that she sees everywhere in everyday life and drawing from the nineties fashion magazine aesthetic, Mia photographed herself and others and then engaged on heavy bouts of photo manipulation, printing the photos onto large sheets of paper, reworking them with paints and whatever she found to hand, repeatedly rescanning and reprinting them and doing whatever she could think of to bend the original images to the vision she held in her head.
The funkyrotic project surfaced with an exhibition – „Mi a mor’ is funkyrotic“ – which she put on in a bordello that occasionally doubled as an exhibition space in a seedy part of West Berlin. So that the figures in her pictures, erotic portraits – and often self-portraits – in their repainted and altered states and blown up onto metre-high canvases, ended up gazing down from bedroom walls onto whatever scenes were played out in the rooms of the place.

Soundtrack via under creative commons, Music title “Prom Theme” by The Womb

noel maurice, author of the berlin diaries

meet the team – Noel Maurice

To show you once again a more personal side of indieberlin, we have decided to introduce to you the indieberlin team little by little.

… and this time it’s Noel Maurice under the spotlight!

Noel Maurice first arrived young and fresh-faced in early 90s Berlin after taking a wrong turn somewhere and deciding to stay. He landed directly in Tacheles and lived there in the early days of the now famous art house, helping to shape the brand new underground scene. In between helping to start clubs and helping to end them he managed simultaneously to enjoy the wilder aspects of the scene while also forming, joining and leaving numerous indie bands and collectives.

Meet the team – dieses Mal stellen wir euch Norman Zielasko vor: Master of our mix tapes!

Seit Oktober 2011 versorgt Euch Norman regelmässig mit neuer Musik auf Geboren wurde er 1979 in Berlin und hat dort auch erstmal sein Abitur gemacht und dann den Zivildienst im Alterspflegeheim geleistet. Im Elternhaus lief regelmässig Musik von “Led Zeppelin”, “Black Sabbath” und “Rory Gallagher”. Gute Musik also, die ihn in dann über kleine Umwege weiter zu z.B. “Depeche Mode”, “The Cure” und “Built to Spill” gebracht haben.