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We talk to Gianluca from Loophole about his new booking platform The Bloop

Through the years we have gathered a very active community of artists and organizers from the world over, from the noise experimental fields to pop and techno and whatever else. The Bloop is a place where this community can become sustainable and grow without the limits that physical places have. It´s meant to be a map of all of us where we can share projects and work our way to make beautiful moments.

To say it in a pitch: it´s a community of artists and organizers to do booking and manage tours

Make more money from playing gigs using our devilish secret weapon – OR How to make sure you get long term results from gigs no matter how small

We’ve all been there: You spend ages rehearsing, you make lots of phone calls, you get the gig, you tell everyone about it, you make sure you get there on time, you do the sound check, you buy something to eat, you hang around, then you play. Maybe to a couple of hundred people, maybe to twenty…and its a great gig but after everythg’s paid you think, well, I’m not going to get rich like this.

So how do you make sure that every gig you play brings you proper results, makes you money and takes you further on the road to success?

Glad you asked!