Louise Naudot


Laid back elegancy

Akko Liu looks like a true gentleman about to save you from crippling anxiety while at the same time channeling a very relaxed vibe.


Chic satin

Gi Shieh looks very slick and chic in this silk dress, a look that can give you inspiration for your winter out nights or…


This dress is our Valentine!

Tisha Esquejo, dedicated design student is ready for a 14th night with this red velvety dress she styled with a standout hat that elevates…


Polka dots and berets

Grace Chapek knows how to play with colors and looks like the perfect art kid in this fun yet elegant outfit.


Real life Therese Belivet

This classy, vintage and winter appropriated look reminds us of Therese’s class in the beautiful movie Carol. Staying warm and elegant is possible! Look…


Ruby Red

You’ve been read by this look by the very avant garde Opal S


Velvet paradise

The perfect mixture between a modern shoe and thrifted outfit, our aunties’s closets are gold mines! Wore by the fabulous Gi Shieh