Trixie Whitley in Bi Nuu on the third November, tickets to win

Trixie Whitley, vibrant and bubbly in person (I’m told), is still only 25 but her voice is that of an old, old soul, who has stumbled through a thousand whiskey-soaked nights in dive bars and seen the worst of the world. Like the myths of the early blues musicians, you feel that something is haunting her, and that there are ghosts in her voice.

Trixie is still something of an insider tip, and lucky for us, as that means that we get to see her up close and personal in Bi Nuu on the third November. This will definitely not remain the case, and I would suggest to everyone who reads this to go and check her out while she’s still playing such small clubs.

indieberlin live review: Mariza came to Berlin – and it was just so beautiful

Such an emotionally charged experience as watching Mariza sing her Fado cannot possibly be put into words without losing the essence of what I am actually trying to describe. Like Frank Zappa apparently once said, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture”. And it is with this rather cowardly disclaimer that I begin writing my review…

indieberlin@NeueKammerspiele: TERMINE TERMINE TERMINE

Damit ihr bereits alle unsere Termine in Eure smarten Phones und Eure Tagebücher eintragen könnt, hier noch einmal eine aktualisierte Übersicht der nächsten Termine – wir freuen uns auf super Bands und immer auch über Eure Tipps zu Headliner und Support Acts. Mailt uns einfach an oder kommt in den Kammerspielen vorbei!

Théodore, Paul & Gabriel am 27.10. im Maschinenhaus – wir haben 1×2 Freikarten für euch!

WOW! Völlig entspannt, unangestrengt und dabei absolut grandios kommen die drei french ladies daher. New Folk mit ein bisschen Pop, vielleicht eine Mischung aus Janis Joplin und den Cardigans – mhm – gewagte Behauptung. Also macht euch am besten selbst einen Eindruck – wir verlosen 1×2 Freikarten für das Konzert am 27.10. im Maschinenhaus.

Und jede Wette – lange wird man dieses Trio nicht mehr in Club-Atmosphäre erleben können; also wie gewohnt mailt an win(at) und Daumen drücken – naja, ihr kennt das Spiel…

indieberlin classifieds / kleinanzeigen is now live…want to sell something? Find somebody? Buy things?

In the next logical step of wanting to be all indiethings to all indieberliners, we here at indieberlin snapped our fingers and said something akin to Aha!!

Again one quick logical skip and jump from there (we are after all in the land of undefeatable logic), took us to this moment, this moment when after shoving and whispering, “no you press it!” “No, you!” we took straws and then one of us tentativley crept forward and pressed the button that launched…..

the indieberlin classifieds.

Behold: This fully operational deathstar
(of classified ads)

Quiet Sunday night in front of the telly? You’ve got to be joking – not when delectable women are shimmying out of their clothing just around the corner…and indieberlin is giving free tickets away….

After the excitement of the recent Berlin Burlesque Festival, it feels like Berlin has stepped out of its own shadow and taken its rightful place on the international burlesque throne. And is it just me, or are the performers just getting better and better? This Sunday once again the cream of the burlesque scene will be doing its delicious thing at the Primitiv Bar on Simon-Dach-Strasse, with more straight-up gumption than you can shake a swizzle stick at.

indieberlin Interview mit Waves Of Joy

ib: Waves Of Joy – wie kams zum Namen?

Waves Of Joy waren die ersten Worte von Manus kleiner Schwester… oder so ähnlich. Vielleicht stammt der Name auch aus einer Textzeile von den Beatles. Ganz sicher sind wir uns da nicht.

ib: Ihr seid Hamburger Jungs – durch und durch – oder wo kommt ihr ursprünglich her? Wir sind noch nordischer als unser Hamburg. Abgesehen von Seb, der aus Flensburg stammt, haben wir die ersten Schritte bis hin zum ersten Bier in Lübeck gemacht.

indieberlin@NeueKammerspiele – Halloween Special mit Waves Of Joy

So finster die Nacht am 30.10.2013 in den Neue Kammerspiele Kleinmachnow wird, umso mehr werden wir uns mit der spitzen Band “WAVES OF JOY” aus Hamburg amüsieren! 60er-Jahre Gitarrensound, lässige Offbeats und markanter Gesang zu schnörkellosem, modernem Indiepop, das erzeugt Wellen der Freude, die unmittelbar in die Tanzbeine gehen. Die Gewinner des “Krach & Getöse”-Musikpreises der Stadt Hamburg können auf eine Reihe beachtenswerter Bühnenauftritte zurückblicken, und bringen nun – die berühmten Pilzköpfe im Herzen – ihren angefolkten Pop mit Reminenzen in die Neuen Kammerspiele und laden zur anschließenden Halloween-Party.

65Days of Static were in Lido last night and indieberlin got a chance to chat

65daysofstatic came back to Berlin last night for the first time since 2009. Their mind-bending, inspiring performance at Lido, spanning 90 minutes, was one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed all year.

The energy the Sheffield four-piece have on stage is electric – matched only by the dancing and headbanging crowd. Occupying their own space in the cosmos somewhere between electronic and rock music, the band are simultaneously reminiscent of artists like Kraftwerk, Pelican or Explosions in the Sky, with their heavy chugging guitars, electro-synths, post-rock piano melodies and infectious beats. They’re currently touring their sixth album, Wild Light, one of their most critically-acclaimed works to date. We caught up with Paul Wolinski (guitar, keyboards, laptop) and Joe Shrewsbury (guitar) just before the show.

French Waves Music Festival in Bi Nuu 26th and 27th. Oui!

Ah how we love the French. It’s that je ne sais quoi, that cool, that indefinable something. Cliches perhaps, but nonetheless true. And now label mightytunes have done us the incomparable favour of bring a little French chic to Berlin. The French Waves Festival is taking place the next two nights in Bi Nuu and features hot French acts like Superbus – who recently supported Garbage on their German dates, won the MTV Music Award 2006 as well as bringing out four gold and platinum-selling albums – Lilly Wood and The Prick, Lescop, Christine and the Queens, 1984 and Me Sparrow.

indieberlin interviews Sea+Air after their concert in September

On September 17th, the duo Sea + Air performed at Lido with Leif and the Future as a special guest, following them on their tour. When we arrived at the venue, we were all surprised that there were seats in the room. When Leif started playing his 80’s-inspired electronic music covered by his lovely voice, it started getting awkward as we started moving on our chairs and it was difficult for him to get close to the seated audience. But when Eleni and Daniel Benjamin showed up on stage their lyrical tunes overwhelmed us so much it seemed like a logical choice!

Sea + Air has been touring throughout the world for nearly two years and are about to finish their long journey. Inbieberlin interviewed them to know a little more about the band and the tour.

ib: How did you guys meet?

Daniel: How we met is actually really funny, because she doesn’t remember. We live in a small village in the south of Germany and as a teenager I always liked to watch the sunset on the fields. I was a little older than her. So i was returning from that, it was dark. Suddenly there was this person on the street walking really strangely. I thought: “Oh this is interesting! I am checking this out.” Then I found out it was her. My mother had told me before about sleepwalking and that you have to be very careful if you meet a sleepwalker. I had seen her at school before so I knew where she lives since it’s a really small village. So I just kind of pushed her really gently, so she didn’t wake up, towards home and told her where to walk. And I rang the bell and her parents said, that she had indeed been sleepwalking, but they forgot to lock the door that night. So that’s how we met, but then of course we were both kind of shy. That was the starting point.