Superhumanoids – Synth-pop has got my Mojo!

One of the best things about my job at the Michelberger Hotel is that I can get to hang out with musicians and make drinks for them. When it’s not too busy we can chat while I make the Mojitos, and if I’m lucky, they are still around when I finish my shift. This was how I met Superhumanoids, a band from LA, passing through Berlin on their European tour. They play “synth-pop, I guess”, according to Sarah, the prettiest member of the band (although the other two are blokes, so I am biased…)

Win tickets here for a party night to remember this Saturday 7.12 from Australian party people Fifth Floor

Having relocated from Melbourne, Australia to Friedrichshain, Berlin, party collective Fifth Floor are putting one of their brilliant nights on this Saturday 7th December, tomorrow as I write this, in a secret warehouse location. With six bands playing headlined by The Blue Angel Lounge, visuals and Djs, the night promises to be something special. We have a pair of tickets to give away, write to us at!

Live Review – Travis at the Astra Kulturhaus – Fran Healey gives us all a cuddle

It was a concert that almost didn’t happen, as singer Fran Healey pointed out in a hoarse voice when Travis came out onto the stage in the Astra last night. “We were gonna call it off, honest,” he said to the crowd packed into the thousand-capacity venue after explaining that he’d completely lost his voice through a cold. “But i just can’t cancel concerts.”

noel maurice, author of the berlin diaries

Interview with Noel Maurice about books, albums and methods

After splitting the band up I decided to do a kind of dogma approach, like Lars Von Trier did with his films…establish rigid ground rules of how the films would be made so that he didn’t get tempted to lose track of the story…so I thought, in line with my DIY ethos, I decided to make and record music in a way that took as its limits my own practical limitations, ie no band, so more solo…no money to rent a studio or money to pay a drummer, so either drum loops or percussion….I feel that I’ve put out so little music over the years because I was lacking the wherewithal to make it, so it didn’t get made…so I decided that I would just work within my limitations, so if it’s a solo guitar with some beats and the voice is recorded on an inexpensive mic, then that’s relevant because it reflects the reality.

Oi! Where’s Chapter Four? The search for The Berlin Diaires

As we’ve been posting chapters from Noel Maurice’s nineties memoir The Berlin Diaires over the last weeks, when Chapter 4 didn’t turn up on Thursday we were happy to find that a number of people wrote in complaining. Although this apology article should really have gone up on Thursday, such are the vagaries of winter/weekend/brainrust that it is only now appearing. A literary agent friend has very nicely taken up Noel’s cause and offered to take the book around to a few publishers to see if anyone wants to speed the general world domination process along, and advised Noel not to post any more of the book online for the moment. So, alas! The serialisation of The Berlin Diaries will have to be put on ice for the moment.

Meet Lucas Frost, indieberliner extraordinaire

We’re very happy that Lucas has joined our indieberlin patchwork and we’d like you to get to know the dude too. So see what he has to say about his whereabouts, his passions and his bright shining … oh well read for yourself.

indieberlin review – Tom Odell in Kesselhaus last week

We are in the age of the songwriter. As in „singer-songwriter“, whatever that means. But it has managed to somehow become a genre, and even I know what it kind of sounds like, despite the absurdity of the name. And here we have Tom Odell. He does singer-songwriter, he does, and he does it very nicely. And successfully too, as the other night in the Kesselhaus proved.

Chapter Three of The Berlin Diaries Vol. I – Berlin 1991, a memoir, by Noel Maurice: Serialised weekly here

I look out of the window. Above the rooftops across the way the sky is a rich deep blue, the stars are out. The sky is extraordinarily clear tonight. I draw deep on my cigarette, exhale. I roll back on the bed and look up at the stained ceiling. They have given me a small room at the back of the house. There’s a separate entrance in the courtyard into which I climbed last night, and as you go up the uneven stairs there is one small room on each landing, until at the top a corridor leads back to the main part of the house. I have surmised that these were probably the servants quarters. The room is not well lit, and furniture consists of the bed, a table and chair and a cupboard, all old and wooden, a sense of bareness. I love it.
I look at the time on my travelling alarm clock that I’ve set up on the table opposite. It’s two hours until I should meet Brian in the cafe in Tacheles. I get up and pick up my guitar, put it back in its canvas carrying case. I pull on my coat, take cigarettes and some money, go up the stairs and along the corridor, ready for the night.
In the kitchen Etta is sitting with two people, a small girl with black hair and a tall man with long blonde hair, pulled back into a pigtail. He’s wearing a leather greatcoat and the kind of trousers I’ve seen in photos of the first world war. Etta smiles up at me as I approach.

Minitimer Katzenposter im indieberlin Interview und am 15.11. live in den Neuen Kammerspielen – wir verlosen 2×2 Freikarten!

Mit dem Rostocker Quintett Minitimer Katzenposter bringen wir deutschsprachigen Indierock vom Feinsten nach Kleinmachnow. Also merkt euch bereits den Gig-Termin am 15.11. und für alle, die gern mal umsonst aufs Konzert gehen – mailt uns wie immer an win(at) und mit etwas Glück steht ihr auf der Gästeliste – wir verlosen 2×2 Freikarten! 

Wir haben der Band vorab für euch ein paar Fragen gestellt…. Viel Spaß! 

ib: Wenn ihr euch mit drei Schlagworten identifizieren müsstet, welche wären das? Henri: Liebe.zur.Musik.
Stephan: “Sechs Trucks” und “Rock’n’Roll”. Oder “Eimer für alle”.

ib: Wie habt ihr euch als Band gefunden? Henri: Das hatte entweder was mit dem Weltall oder mit Kontaktanzeigen zu tun – für genauere Angaben müssten wir unseren Chronisten befragen (sofern wir einen haben).

indieberlin review – Trixie Whitley in Bi Nuu

I had heard much about Trixie’s voice – whiskey-soaked and bluesy in a way that makes it hard to believe that she’s only 26 – and her songs, but though I thought her voice wasn’t bad, and her songs decent, what really blew me away was her sheer intensity on stage. Amazing

The Photo Academy Berlin is looking for students

The Photo Academy in Berlin is actively looking for budding young photographers who want to make their hobby into their career to take part in their workshops and courses. Since 2005 they have been helping young photographers to get serious.

The Gin Palace Cabaret is coming to quench that thirst…

Opening in the Roter Salon on the 23rd November, the Gin Palace Cabaret variety show is set to warm up those cold Berlin nights…from contortion to comedy with a little striptease between the two, it’s guaranteed to get your molecules bubbling.

Darling Boy gets asked things by indieberlin, he’s also live at Neue Kammerspiele on the 15th November – win tickets here

Mark Ellen summed Darling Boy up so well that I can’t do better: “…powers down the track in a steam-filled blaze of colour and stops at all the best stations between The Small Faces and Oasis.” Darling Boy is one of those legends that really should be incredibly famous by now. In our excitement at having him play at our indieberlin @ neue kammerspiele concert series in Kleinmachnow on the 15th of November with Minitimer Katzenposter (subtle plug haha)we collared him digitally to answer some questions. And boy did he answer them…