Artful Montreal indiepoppers Islands are live in Roter Salon this Friday and we’ve got tickets

Nick Thorburn is the songwriter and prime mover from Montreal favourite Islands, a quirky indiepop band that has captured hearts and minds across Canada and the US throughout the decade and four albums that they’ve been going, repeating the success that Thorburn enjoyed with his previous band the Unicorns. Islands are back in Europe and most interestingly for us, live in Roter Salon this Friday.

Need I say that indieberlin has a pair of tickets to give away, just join up to the mailing list and write us at and you can get the chance to check out Islands live.

Angel Olsen am 29. März live in Berlin @ Hebbel am Ufer

Die zarte Frau mit der großen und vor allem unglaublich variablen Stimme kommt erstmals nach Berlin. Am 29. März stellt die ursprünglich aus St. Louis, Missouri kommende Songwriterin im Hebbel am Ufer ihr zweites Album Burn Your Fire For No Witness vor. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Thea Hjelmeland und Il Tempo Gigante im Grünen Salon: Fotogalerie

Gestern haben die Norwegerin Thea Hjelmeland – schon bekannt von unserem Konzert in den Neuen Kammerspielen 🙂 – und der Däne Rolf Hansen aka Il Tempo Gigante im Grünen Salon in Berlin-Mitte gespielt. Wir kamen, sahen und hörten und sanken glückselig in unsere Sessel. Hier bekommt ihr einen kleinen fotografischen Eindruck des Abends.

DAVIDGE bringt mit “SLO LIGHT” ein Solo-Debütalbum heraus

Neil Davidge ist nicht nur Produzent, obwohl ihm dafür schon genug Ruhm zustände. Ob Massive Attack, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Damon Albarn, Primal Scream, David Bowie oder als “Halo 4” Score-Composer – der britische Produzent, Songwriter und Soundtrack-Komponist Neil Davidge ist seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten in zahlreiche Projekte involviert, ohne das ihn die Welt auf dem Radar hat.

Aber er kann noch mehr als Songwriter, Soundtrack-Komponist und Sänger. Mit seinem Debütalbum “Slo Light” tritt der Mann aus Bristol nun aus dem Schatten und brilliert mit einem spannenden und eklektischen Langspieler – von Electronica über EBM-infizierte Hymnen bis hin zu orchestralen Stücken mit einer Spritze Indie-Pathos.

Hier könnt ihr das Video bereits sehen. Album VÖ ist der 28.03.2014!

Gallant Foxes feat. Cate Le Bon (Official Music Video) from Neil Davidge on Vimeo.

Improvisational Quartet The Pitch play at Mind Pirates Auditorium tonight Friday 21st

The Pitch plays “The Complete Sets” at Mindpirates Auditorium this tonight 21st February from 7pm
“A four-hour piece of acoustic textures and shapes.”

The Pitch is a quartet living and working in Berlin. They have created a personal musical language and a body of work ranging from quartet music to extended, large-scale ensemble pieces involving guest musicians and further conceptual elements.

Improvisation figures prominently in their music: it is used as a generative device within specific shapes, structures and ideas for different pieces of music. For this concert they have developed a four-hour piece which maps the totality of their pitch material and the different possibilities in instrumentation and interaction.

Lonski and Classen new album “All Tomorrow is Illusion” is coming out!

Lonski and Classen, old indieberlin friends and favourites, have a brand new album coming up, All Tomorrow is Illusion. Today the duo are releasing their first video single from the album and we’re proud to present it to you here on indieberlin. Robin Allender, Bristol-based singer who toured with Lonski and Classen and Yann Tiersin a couple of years ago, tells us what he thinks of the pair.

Lonski & Classen – Let Sun Grow from Lonski and Classen on Vimeo.

indieberlin’s pick: The Five Best Berlinale Films

While Caterina Gili was busy for us snapping stars on the red carpet outside, indieberlin’s Official Film Person Elinor Lewy was inside in the darkness staring up at the screen, a thoughtful expression on her face. After watching a whole load of films, Elinor’s come up with her pick of the five best of the festival.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (USA 2014)

Kumiko (Rinko Kikuchi) is a detached young woman working as a lowly secretary in Tokyo. She leads a lonely existence and the only thing that manages to perk her up is treasure hunting. Kumiko comes across a mysterious tape during one of her trips and becomes obsessed with finding what she believes is a suitcase filled with money in Minnesota. If what is on the VHS tape reminds you of a certain film shot by the Coen brothers, you would not be wrong. Kumiko sets off to the United States completely unprepared and dead-set on finding her treasure during the coldest time of year. The character of Kumiko may first appear to be all quirk and no substance but the film is deceptively grim with a breathtaking ending. One would expect nothing less from the same team that made the unrelentingly Kid-Thing.

Ziwschen Welten von Feo Aladag – Fotogalerie

Der Film ZWISCHEN WELTEN feierte auf der Berlinale Weltpremiere. Die Drehbuchautorin, Regisseurin und Produzentin Feo Aladag präsentierte ihn mit der Cast auf der Berlinale. Der Film zeigt die Geschichte einer Freundschaft zwischen einem Bundeswehrsoldaten – Jesper, gespielt von Ronald Zehrfeld – und dem afghanischen Dolmetscher Tarik, dargestellt von Mohamad Mohsen – in Afghanistan.

Claudia Llosa’s Aloft Cast und Martin Scorsese auf dem roten Teppich der Berlinale

Die Berlinale ist gerade vorbei und wir schießen noch ein paar Bilder der letzten Filme des Wettbewerbs nach. Claudia Llosa präsentierte ihren Film “Aloft” mit den Darstellern Melanie Laurent, Jennifer Connelly und Cilian Murphy. Mit auf dem roten Teppich Llosa’s Kinder, die ihre Mutter fröhlich unterstützen.

Ebenfalls nicht vorenthalten wollen wir euch den Photocall mit Martin Scorsese, der mit seiner Dokumentation “Untitled New York Review Of Books Documentary” über die Literaturzeitschrift aufwartete.

Viel Spass beim Durchklicken unserer Fotogalerie!

Alle Fotos: Caterina Gili für indieberlin

Nymphomanic cast red carpeting at the Berlinale

One of our Berlinale highlights was Lars von Trier and his Nymphomaniac cast red carpeting our beloved film festival! So once again we had to be there and bow our heads to Lars von Trier, Christian Slater, Stacey Martin and Uma Thurman. We also saw a special but unkown guest. … Enjoy clickung through our little red carpet gallery!

Berlinale Fotogalerie // The Monuments Men // Cast

Die ewige Frage, ob er sexy ist oder nicht und was nur alle an George Clooney finden können wir hiermit, nach persönlicher und eingängiger Sichtung ein für alle Mal beantworten: Ja er ist unglaublich sexy und wir finden, er hat eine Hammer Ausstrahlung – nicht nur auf der Leinwand.

Auch die anderen The Monuments Men Darsteller sind live und durch die Linse betrachtet alle samt mehr als präsentabel und auf der Berlinale vor allem in absoluter Hochstimmung. Aber seht selbst und clickt euch durch unsere Fotogalerie.

Alle Fotos: Caterina Gili für indieberlin

Great song from Sugar Magnolia

One of our favourite of the nu folk crowd coming out of the UK these days has been Jack Day. Now he’s teamed up with Bryony Afferson from Troubadour Rose to bring us some wonderful new music. Have a gander.

Unsere Berlinale Red Carpet Favourites – bis jetzt jedenfalls

Auch wir müssen unsere indie-Augen mindestens einmal im Jahr reiben und können dem Glamour und Glanz nicht widerstehen, wenn es Berlinale-Zeit ist. Also hat sich unsere Lieblingsfotografien Caterina Gili auf zum Roten Teppich gemacht und für Euch ein paar Eindruck der Schönen und Berühmten eingefangen für eine kleine Fotogalerie – Teil I

Two pairs of tickets to win – Mind Pirates – Vereinsheim – Live: Biblo, Sara Sayed, Jasmine Guffond + UMA DJ set

Enter the multiple universes of Biblo (Istanbul), Sara Sayed (Helsinki/London), Jasmine Guffond (Sydney/Berlin) and UMA (Berlin) and join the Mind Pirates in their Vereinsheim for a night of beautiful dreamy performances. The artists on this very special night are guaranteed to ensnare you in their aural dimensions of delicate electronic textures, mesmerizing voices and entrancing beats.

Two tickets to Death Letters am 20th February in Monarch – yours for the taking

The Dutch duo known as the Death Letters are back once again. But with a twist. Their new album Common Prayers has a very strange back story – on tour in the US the band apparently wandred into a junk shop, opened up a cupboard with a cross on it and out fell a book of prayers from the 19th Century, each prayer dedicated to a different person. The band were somehow touched by this to the point that they’ve dedicated their new album to the anonymous author.

In a world where everything seems set to move higher, faster and further, the Death Letters have taken a noticeable step back. Instead of punk rock festivals, they’re playing in churches these days. Well. Also in Comet Club, so I guess not only in churches.

Happily indieberlin has a pair of tickets for you to win, so that you can go and see just what this is all about. Write to and…you know the rest.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a farewell

It’s very rare that an actor turns up that does what Hoffman did. He was a genius, he had a humanity that you could read in his face, he expressed an intelligence and humour that reassured you that not everybody in the world was insane. Without wanting to go on and on, we just thought it would be appropriate to mark his passing here, and we join with all those who he touched in mourning his death. Rest in peace, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Four Scoop Banana Split Garage band The Anna Thompsons tonight in Auster Club

The Anna Thompsons are a jingly, jumpy, energetic and happily quirky all-girl garage rock band who hail from all corners of the world and met up in Berlin. They progressed quickly from their 2011 beginnings, strangling Joy Division covers in a Neukölln cellar, to being produced by King Khan, opening for him, and now releasing their first album together with Motor Entertainment.

Bo Saris is the new Dutch soul sensation – his EP The Addict is out today

Bo Saris has been tipped by various people as a new man to watch. Initially sceptical, we decided to ignore the fact that he came to people’s awareness by the Dutch version of Idols, another TV You Can Be A Star Too type format, and listened instead to his voice and his songs. Great voice, and if you like the soul thang, then Bo’s your man. He has four albums under his belt and his fifth is on its way. One to watch…

Goldfrapp returns in high style – with a one-night-only cinematic launch and live-beamed concert

Goldfrapp is a band from whom we’ve come to expect inventiveness. In their long career they’ve rarely let us down. This is the case once again, as they release their new album with an event that no other band, to my knowledge, have tried, which is with a live cinematic experience beamed simultaneously to cinemas across the world for one night only. “Tales of Us” is a unique cinema event: A film shown for the first time, inspired by the new album, shown for one night only, on the 4th March, in cinemas around the world. Following on from the film will be a concert by Goldfrapp, beamed live to those same cinema audiences.