win Tickets for the record label’s release show SKIING & CLASSIC MUSCLE – Split 7″ Release Party

The label SPÄTI PALACE took off with a concert at Antje Oeklesund last December and brought out a free album that features Berlin based bands which happen to have members from all over the world, highlighting the diversity at play in this bubbling underground.

Now Späti Palace proudly presents its first release SKIING / CLASSIC MUSCLE SPLIT 7″ and Späti Palace, Cranky Booking & Shameless Limitless kick this happening off with a soon to be legendary party on 05th April at Marie-Antoinette.

If you want to go and bring your charming acquaintance for free, than email us at win(AT)indieberlin(DOT)de and it might just work out.

NewKammer Bandwettbewerb “Battle of the Bands” in Kleinmachnow

Hört hört, die Manege der NewKammer ist eröffnet: Die NeuenKammerspiele in Kleinmachnow starten im Mai 2014 ihre erste Suche nach Regionalhelden, den bisher Unentdeckten, den großen Hoffnungen der regionalen Bandgeschichte. Vom 8. bis zum 10. Mai 2014 findet in der NeuenKammerspiele das erste „Battle of the bands“ statt, ein Musikfestival, bei dem regionale Bands gegeneinander antreten und nicht nur um Ruhm und Aufmerksamkeit, sondern auch um einen großen Siegerpreis kämpfen werden. Insgesamt werden 12 Bands in die Manege treten, von denen nur einer gewinnen kann.

Unter dem Motto “SEX & CRIME und alles andere” startet am Donnerstag eine neue Lesereihe im Atelier Kunst-Moment in Neukölln

Unter dem Motto “SEX & CRIME und alles andere” startet am Donnerstag eine neue Lesereihe im Atelier Kunst-Moment in Neukölln. Zum Auftakt gibt es gleich zwei ganz unterschiedliche Spannungsromane: Der Uni-Thriller “Zweiundvierzig” von Claudia Rapp lässt sich am ehesten mit “Stirb langsam” vergleichen – im Kleinformat und am Bodensee. In Nina Bellems Thriller “Märchentod” dagegen mordet ein Serienkiller nach Märchenmotiven und die Profilerin Undine muss den Täter finden…
Geplant ist keine bierernste Frontalunterrichtsveranstaltung: Bier gibt’s an der Bar und nach der Lesung unterhalten sich die Autorinnen mit dem Publikum über Motivation und Inspiration, Mord und Totschlag… und alles andere.

indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival: CALL FOR ARTISTS

indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival is showcasing breakthrough artists from the Berlin independent art, music, film, fashion and performance world.

From world champion beatboxers to performers and site specific artworks, indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival brings the capital’s most innovative talents together under one roof, as part of a unique experience of this city’s creativity.

We are launching the event as indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival on 24th May 2014 in FluxFM’s legendary Fluxbau venue in Kreuzberg.

We’re looking for visual artists & designers working in the disciplines described (or new ones) who are interested in taking part and showcasing their work. The aim of the event is to highlight diversity and creativity, and celebrate what people are producing at the moment in town.

indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival on 24th of May at Fluxbau

indieberlin is very excited to be preparing for its upcoming Berlin event, the “indieberlin outstanding art-music-fashion-festival”, to take place on May 24th in Berlin radio station FluxFM’s venue Fluxbau, right on the Spree in Kreuzberg, a minute’s walk from Schlesisches Tor and right over the canal from the O2 World.

The festival is designed to further what indieberlin has always been about, namely taking the best of Berlin’s independent art, music and fashion scenes and to bring these disciplines together in surprising and interesting ways, to celebrate independent art and artists, no matter what the format is in which they work. Oh, and to party as much as possible while doing it.

At the moment we’ve put the call out for artists of every discipline who would like to be involved. We’ve got hanging space for visual artists, there’s room for fashion labels to present their newest looks, and of course we’re also on the lookout for the best of the new young bands, electro artists and DJs.

We look forward to having you aboard, whether you’re an artist, a musician, a fashionista, or you’re just up for a party and checking out what’s hip and happening in town.

indieberlin review – Pickers in Intersoup last week – I want more

I want more rock n roll. I don’t want bands who are thinking about their career and get to bed early the night before. I want you to live what you play. I want you just back off a drug binge. I want you to date the Berlin equivalent of Kate Moss, and for it all to be going horribly, spectacularly, publicly wrong. I want you screaming on stage, like it’s the last gig you’re ever going to play in your life. And the first. I want you to want it. I want to believe.

King Khan and the Shrines live: the ultimate transcendental experience?

In many ways this is the perfect band for me: half-time bass vamps over sweet funky drum grooves… Some soulful horn stabs, crazy keys, a little percussion and wacky licks on the guitar, while King Khan himself lets rip with his off-kilt scream and grrrrrreat body! The perfect marriage between Funk and Rock ‘n’ Roll, with traces of psychedelia, blues, punk, garage, soul and even elements of eastern mysticism. Everything that is good and true about music brought together in one band, on one evening, in once place.

Hardly surprising then that this was once again the highlight of my musical year. Ever since King Khan’s Berlin gig last year, none of the other shows have really come close to the frenetic energy that these guys create on stage and transmit to their audience.

The crowd was buzzing with anticipation last Tuesday night at Lido.

indieberlin review – Von Eden live in Privatclub on Tuesday

If you are in any way au fay with what happens in the German-speaking world in Berlin you will know the name Christoph Letkowski. Now where, you would think, do I know that name? Why, I would say, he’s the singer of the great band I saw the other night in Privatclub. You may continue tapping your teeth with a pencil, staring past my shoulder into the middle distance. Feuchtgebiete, I will say. Your eyes focus back to me. Ah, you will say. Unnoticed by us an old lady will walk past muttering under her breath and rolling her eyes and then disappear from our little scene.
Feuchtgebiete. (Translated as “Moist Parts”).
The book. The bestseller, written by Charlotte Roche, who used to be on MTV.
No, you will say, Feuchtgebiete the film. And Mr L was…
Yes, I reply and having grown a little weary with the literary device switch back into more conventional journalistic writing mode, whereupon both the muttering old lady and our two imagined selves vanish.
Feuchtgebiete is a smash-hit Berlin film, based on the book. The male lead was played by Christop Letkowski, and the same Christoph is the man who with his band Von Eden produced the song from the film.

She Makes War live Mittwoch im Untertitel und Donnerstag im Schokoladen

Laura Kidd ist She Makes War und startet diese Woche ihre Tour. Die Multiinstrumentalistin hat ihr aktuelles Album “Battles”, sowie ihre neue EP “Butterflies” im Gepäck und tourt damit durch 17 Städte in Deutschland und Österreich. Das sind 20 Zugreisen, 15 She Makes War Songs, ein Cover, 3 große Koffer, ein Megaphon, eine schwarz-glitzernde Gitarre und eine Ukulele mit Delphinen drauf. Für Unterhaltung ist also gesorgt. Laura spielt Mittwoch in Berlin im Untertitel und Donnerstag im Schokoladen.

Pickers live in Intersoup this Thursday – get there early to avoid disappointment

Pickers is one of those bands that you know are going places within two minutes of hearing them. They’ve chosed intimate Berlin live location Intersoup as their first 2014 public outing and frankly I would strongly recommend getting there early to avoid disappointment. Brilliant live act, brilliant songs, brilliant voice, brilliant band. Can’t wait myself. Support is by the Stonedrifter Stonedrifters Sound Brigade.

Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästelistenplätze für die FuxFriday Party und Vernissage an diesem Freitag!

Du willst beim besten aller Feste auf die Gästeliste? Kunst und Musik diesen Freitag am 21.03. ab 22Uhr im Fluxbau? Schreib uns einfach eine Email an win(at) und mit etwas Glück sparst Du Dir und Deiner Begleitung elegant den Eintritt!

Vernissage + Party
Bilder von Mia Morris
DJs: Winson (FLuxFM), Sascha Schlegel (FLuxFM) und Julian Hansmeier (Kater Holzig)
22:00Uhr @ Fluxbau
Pfuelstr.5, 2 Hofeingang
10997 Berlin

King Khan & Shrines play in Lido next Tuesday. Auf keinen Fall verpassen!

Had Arthur Brown and James Brown produced a baby, this Freak of Nature would almost certainly have been King Khan. Firstly, he is indeed rather “brown” owing to his presumably Indian heritage (pardon the pun). And secondly, the spectacle produced by King Khan and his Shrines combines perfectly the funky soul of James Brown with the crazy, psychedelic, transcendental world of Arthur Brown. In fact, words cannot really describe the miracle that is their live show.

I first saw these guys at a festival huge festival in Portugal, where their energetic psycho-funk got really only myself and 3 other Portuguese dudes with long hair going. The music was too much for those who came to see Kayne West and Snoopy Doggy Dog. Last year they played at the Festsaal Kreuzberg (R.I.P.), which was a music-fueled mosh-pit from start to finish where we came out soaking of other people’s sweat and beer. But boy was it the best show I’ve ever seen!

The Luka State in Zosch this friday and we’ve got tickets

Sign up to the newsletter list and write to to win two tickets to Luka State this Friday night in Zosch! The bandhave been tipped by many to be “the next big thing”. Yes, that old chestnut. But despite their young age they’ve been recorded by Sam Williams, the discoverer and producer of Supergrass and the like, they’ve toured the US four times, and their last two videos hit over 50,000 plays each, within days of being uploaded. The first of these two, and in our opinion the better song, 30 Minute Break, features Game of Thrones star Thomas Brodie-Sangster – as victim of woman-on-man domestic violence, bless him – and that could explain somewhat the success of the first of these two, but the second one, A Matter of Time, has hit around 90,000 plays and is still climbing.

indieberlin review – Lonski and Classen live at Volksbuehne last Sunday night

The Volksbuehne is an impressive place. Even without the history, just walking across the large open ground before the place with its five storey high pillars demands a feeling of, if not awe, certainly respect. The fact that Lonski and Classen chose here to put on their record release party seemed to be a statement. To put things up a notch.

photo gallery: Mia Morris

We met Moderat at their Show in Berlin and got the chance to ask them a couple of questions – check out the interview

Interview by Chris Tokunaga

Moderat, dubbed the minimal techno supergroup, is currently on their 2014 tour across Europe for their current and second album “||”.

A dear friend of mine got me a ticket and interview for the encore show of Moderat in Berlin which took place last Thursday. I am a big fan of Moderat, as well as their respective projects Apparat, and Modeselektor. I was excited to meet them (and see them perform later) because of their reputation as an amazing live act with an innovative use of heavy beats mixed with airy vocals. Here is what they told me:

ib: How did Moderat come to be? Sascha Ring (Apparat): In the beginning, it was a project for fun. We met at some kind of festival in Berlin and we were pretty much the “aliens” there. It was more about Berlin sound and ”fall to the floor” and stuff. I guess that’s why we got along quite well. We really didn’t fit there for different reasons. Back in those days I had a unique software I programmed which I used to play live and they played with a completely crazy analogue setup.

They (Modeselektor) really wanted my software so I gave them the software and they started playing laptop shows. Once we all had the same software, we hooked up the computers and started playing Moderat shows for fun, in small places with about 80 people and we’d play loops, just jam sessions basically.

We didn’t take it seriously at all until we started producing the first real album. Even before that we said we can just make an album for fun, and we’ll just see what happens.

Meet the team – Mia Morris

Mia Morris’s first art project that saw the light of day was what became known as the funkyrotic project. Heavily underpinned by the eroticism that she sees everywhere in everyday life and drawing from the nineties fashion magazine aesthetic, Mia photographed herself and others and then engaged on heavy bouts of photo manipulation, printing the photos onto large sheets of paper, reworking them with paints and whatever she found to hand, repeatedly rescanning and reprinting them and doing whatever she could think of to bend the original images to the vision she held in her head.
The funkyrotic project surfaced with an exhibition – „Mi a mor’ is funkyrotic“ – which she put on in a bordello that occasionally doubled as an exhibition space in a seedy part of West Berlin. So that the figures in her pictures, erotic portraits – and often self-portraits – in their repainted and altered states and blown up onto metre-high canvases, ended up gazing down from bedroom walls onto whatever scenes were played out in the rooms of the place.

Soundtrack via under creative commons, Music title “Prom Theme” by The Womb

Win tickets for Lonski and Classen’s Record Release Party on the 9th March in Volksbuehne

With Lonski and Classen’s record release party in Volksbuehne on Sunday March 9th rapidly approaching we thought it was a good moment to recall this snippet of their 2010 support slot on the Yann Tiersen tour.
Want to check out the hottest gig in town? Just sign up to our mailing list and write to us at and we’ll see what we can do – there’s two tickets for the lucky winner.

Lonski & Classen on tour – I had a dream from Lonski and Classen on Vimeo.

Pauline Andres performs in Auster Club this Friday night…Americana like you never heard it before

French musician Pauline Andrès plays guitar and writes stories about drunks, working men and hipsters, even if she admits knowing less about the latter. She sings about hangovers, the hunt for a home, Russian fairytales and sometimes murders too.
Hers is a rich and dark southern rock style that marries slide guitars to sultry vocals und powerful beats.

On the 7th of March she performs all the tracks to her new album, live at the Auster Club.