Bastian Geiken

Came to this world as a boy in the year of the Wheel of fortune. First discovered music through MTV and had a hard time when they went from music videos to ringtones and dating shows. I was part of the "Nu Metal generation", if you want to call it that, and am still in love with riffs and beats, although the Fred Durst days are far behind me (and everyone). Discovered poetry through music and went on to release a volume of poems myself in 2015. Happy to be part of the indieberlin crew since april 2016, thanks to a certain bookseller and music nerd who wouldn't like to be mentioned here.

Bobby Hecksher from The Warlocks during a concert at Bi Nuu, Berlin, 2017

Feedback-Orkan: The Warlocks im Bi Nuu

Bis vor zwei Wochen waren mir The Warlocks absolut kein Begriff. – Fragezeichen? – Die Gruppe entstand 1998 in Los Angeles. Gründungsvater und einziges…