indieberlin classifieds / kleinanzeigen is now live…want to sell something? Find somebody? Buy things?

In the next logical step of wanting to buy all indiethings to all indieberliners, we here at indieberlin snapped our fingers and said something akin to Aha!!

Again one quick logical skip and jump from there (we are after all in the land of undefeatable logic), took us to this moment, this moment when after shoving and whispering, “no you press it!” “No, you!” we took straws and then one of us tentativley crept forward and pressed the button that launched…..

the indieberlin classifieds.

Why? Well, different reasons. Cos, y’know, there’s craigslist, I get that, but to be honest, have you (English-speaking people) noticed that absolutely no German-speaking people know craigslist, use it, or generally speaking have ever heard of it? It’s just not on the radar. Which means if you stick to craigslist, you will never make it out of the little merry-go-round of recently-moved-here English speakers. No, if you want to see what the other 2.9 million people are advertising in the city – or if you want to advertise to them – then you’ve got to take the plunge. And indieberlin classifieds is our little contribution to helping you do that.

Other reasons? Well, because we still figure that, even though there’s quidzillions of musicians and artists of every flavour in Berlin, and more are on their way (I am reliably informed), still there’s not really any central noticeboard dedicated to arts stuff, where people like, well, you and me, stick stuff up that they want everyone to know about. So…selling a guitar or looking for one to buy? Looking for a room in a WG? Want to find the girl you lost in the crush in the Pixies concert? Pissed off with your singer and want to hire a hitman? Lift to Amsterdam? For all these things and more, we give you…..
indieberlin classifieds.
….If you want to make use of it or just ask us questions about it, write to – or send your ad to –
…And remember, if you want to anonymise it, just let us know and we’ll gather the replies for you and forward them on.

That’s it! Enjoy!

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