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Hi again! this is Noel Maurice with the blog for people who’ve just turned up in Berlin and need a hand finding things: this blog we’re talking about music instrument shops, for the musicians among us:

Music shops – the biggest and easiest is Just Music, address: Oranienstr. 140 – 142, Berlin, BE 10969.

For further west I’d recommend The American Guitar Shop on Goethe Str. 49,  across the road from Nollendorfplatz U-Bahnhof. This man is American but has been here since the 80s or longer, and what’s also interesting is that he also books well-visited gigs, specialising in acoustic/folk stuff. The guitars he has in here are extremely good quality and, quite unnusually as I’ve found, perfectly set up, meaning that he knows his stuff, and that he cares.

In the Reinickendorf area? Then try Musikhaus Berlin.

That should keep you happy for the moment as regards music shops (as with everything else here, I’m happy for you to drop me a line if you need any extra advice on finding a particular thing that isn’t listed here) – or to add something that I’ve overlooked.

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  • Reply September 26, 2019

    Umer Prince

    Unfortunately, Takt und Ton link is no more on web. Secondly, you could have added Muzikhaus Berlin.

    • Reply October 21, 2019

      Noel Maurice

      Hiya, thanks for the tip. Don’t want to have wrong info on the site, will c

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