Tonight! Sergej Dott’s weird and wonderful imagination gets an airing in Mitte!

Sergej Dott, the man who brought you cows climbing up the sides of buildings (now on all your favourite tourist postcards) has a new exhibition opening tonight in Galerie “Baum auf dem Hügel” in Berlin-Mitte, Seydelstraße 7 (near Spittelmarkt).

Full of weird and wonderful ideas, Sergej A. Dott keeps us on our toes with his skewed and colourful perspectives, from sticking the aformentioned cows on the sides of buildings in Prenzlauerberg to mumbling metal sculptures mixing religious and neo-punk imagery to blooming rose sculptures on the Potsdamer Platz – do yourself and your aching mind a favour and come and see what this delightful man has brought into the world this time!


Article by Noel Maurice

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