Staatsgalerie Prenzlauerberg presents Jutta Scheiner, opening on Saturday April 26th

Born 1972 in Sibiu, Romania, she completed her apprenticeship in ivory sculpting in Michelstadt/ Odenwald (Germany), and went on to study sculpture at the art college of Berlin-Weißensee.
Her narrative technique is stream of consciousness – protagonists, landscapes and motives arisen from it are carved out of their larger context and interwoven in free association with ever new contents and figures.
In Jutta Scheiner’s works, remnants from various historical eras and social evolutions are newly arranged or painted, similar to a collage: Icons, doll-like figures and more realistic models are to be found amongst citations from art history and long-forgotten fashions. In their wild mixture of semantic levels, details and coherences they seem like the riddle and its solution at the same time.

The exhibition opens on Saturday April 26th and runs for a month.

Staatsgalerie Prenzlauerberg is run by Henryk Gericke, a man active on the East Berlin underground arts scene in the 80s, and the gallery has been set up to show not just artists from this period but also new and exciting people such as Frau Scheiner. 

Greifswalder Straße 218
10405 Berlin
Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 2-7pm
Sat 1-6pm
and by appointment.




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