Meet the team – our new series featuring members of indieberlin – this time with Mia Morris

ib: Why is it easier to do an interview than to write a little blurb about yourself? Well, by writing a blurb, you decide what you want to feature about yourself – in an interview you have to answer what someone else wants to know. Ok in this case the argument is a bit weak – but I still was uncertain of what to write. There are quite a few different angles about me and I find it difficult to give a quick picture. And it’s a bit annoying to go on and on about yourself, isn’t it? On the other hand that’s why I have decided to establish a new column on indieberlin called “Kinder unserer Zeit” to write a bit more about what’s going on with me and probably with a lot of other people of my generation – since there’s already a demand for some guest authors.

Ib: ok, but tell us something about yourself, since this is “meet the team.” I studied business economics in Berlin and Brussels, worked for the publisher Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg, a PR agency and Reamon’s music management company. I have been a marketing manager for MTV and did fundraising for the Free University of Berlin. And with these jobs I have always felt a huge uncertainty about how to do the work and I figured that’s because I couldn’t do those tasks intuitively. I then started to do quite different things, which had more to do with having a vision or idea of the “finished” product. I started doing art and I also started to become a make-up artist. I founded indieberlin together with Noel and started doing events as well in a way I thought would be cool and which would be ok to do in a fashion that I liked and could stand for. Then working felt good and right, because I felt authentic and the opinion of other people became slightly less important. It made me happy and I think – or would like to think – that’s why indieberlin is liked by quite a few people. They vibe that it’s done with Herzblut, in an authentic way and not in a way of “that’s how you have to do it” – feel. 

ib: And what does the column “Kinder unserer Zeit” have to do with getting to know who you are? I think I’m a typical child of my time. A lot of people did what worked for their parents’ generation in expectation of success, happiness and the promise to lead a decent life. They followed the suggested obvious path – like me – and found it not leading to what they expected years earlier. They’re disappointed by their jobs, burnt out, depressed and in search of something else. But they can’t quite put their finger on what it is that they want to do or be. We’re possibly a generation of disorientation or doubt – maybe because we’re the ones who live a Wertewandel at the moment. I think that a lot of people have something to say about that and I want to give them a platform. I think it’s interesting. It interests me at least.

ib: What’s your vision with indieberlin? indieberlin is a three-pillar concept. Firstly indieberlin is a network dedicated to independent art, music, fashion, lifestyle in Berlin and the Berlin area. We want to help artists, musicians and designers to connect and we think that a lot more artists, musicians, designers and industry people should melt in an inter-disciplinary way. Music influences fashion influences art influences music etc. My vision is that more diverse artists do projects together … projects: what a Berlin term – a typical: “what do you do?”… ”I do this project…” na, ja I like it anyway in its own way.

Secondly and obviously indieberlin is a digital magazine and a blog: We do interviews, reviews, announcements and we show what we like and what we think is good at the time – basically what we think you might want to see as well. This way we also give the musicians, artists and designers a platform to promote their art and to reach a new audience.

And thirdly indieberlin is soon going to offer artist support services as well. We know a lot of people who could help artists and musicians and we’d like to have the network benefit from the knowledge. We’d like to offer marketing and press relations, styling, photo services, social media management and band mentoring. For me this is a logical step to helping professionalize the people we would like to reach and promote. It is of course also a business model with which we hope to bring in a little bit of money. We’ll see how it goes and we’re always eager for feedback.

ib: How do you go about your artistic site then? Any new “projects” planned?

You can actually see some new funkyrotic art photos in a permanent exhibition at the Neue Kammerspiele in Kleinmachnow. But yeah I do also plan to have a new exhibition and I do have a lot of ideas and I’ve started doing some pictures as well. So yes, there will be something – I guess after the summer – I’ve learned to be a bit more careful with announcing deadlines…. But the idea of the exhibition theme is going to include a fado singer, some sexy photos and a very indie exhibition place… 

Also I really liked the idea of the exhibition “Macht Kunst” from Deutsche Bank where everybody can bring pictures to an exhibition. The number of people who wanted to show their art is impressive and it shows a huge demand. It would be nice to organize a different kind of exhibition with various people as well.

ib: And lastly – a favourite quote? “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” Hunter S. Thompson

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