Japanese Burlesque Starlette Erochica Bamboo tells it all

Erochica Bamboo was one of the main forces to build the Burlesque Scene in Japan. She is frantically celebrated in her home country and will now contribute to the ever-growing Burlesque scene in Berlin. indieberlin has asked Erochica Bamboo a bit further……

1. You are a well known Japanese Burlesque Performer, could you tell us your impression on the Japanese (Tokyo?) burlesque scene compared to the Berlin burlesque scene? Burlesque scene in Japan was almost nothing when I returned from the US to Tokyo in 2003. I then wanted to create the scene when I was back in Japan again so I started the event “TOKYO TEASE! Burlesque” in 2008. It was a big success and many people came and they loved the show. And also many girls were interested to be a burlesque dancer. The girls asked me to do a workshop for them. I first thought Burlesque dancer can not learn at the studio more than at the stage of nightclubs and cabaret. But finally I have started Tokyo Burlesque Academy since 2010. The scene is getting bigger in Tokyo ll as it is in Berlin.

2. What makes Berlin special for an international performing artist? There are lot of possibilities in Berlin. There is great cabarets here and I love the culture.

3. What would be your ideal audience? Anybody!

4. For you, Burlesque means: My life…

5. Burlesque is present as an art of itself, but also in fashion, lifestyle and music – which aspect is most fun for you or which aspect is most impertant to you? Being creative! And making people happy. It is not fashion for me.

6. Who is your favorite Burlesque performer? Dirty Martini, Michelle L’amour, Michelle Carr, Kitten deville, Catherine D’Lish, Satans Angel, Tura Satana, Lili st Cyr, And young stars like Lada Redstar, Luna Rosa, LouLou D’vil, Billie Rae…etc…

So many girls! I love all of them especially those who have great energy!

7. What would you tell a new Burlesque performer just before her first show? Just do it with big passion and show people yourself with big love!

8. Do you have a wish or a vision for the Berlin Burlesque scene? I am already in the scene and I am creating it with friends! 


Interview / Article by Mia Morris, photos by MIO / Svenja Hülsmann

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