Mindpirates invites you to their Friday-night fundraiser for “If you’re so smart then why ain’t you rich?”

If You Are So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich? , first and foremost, pays tribute to the artist Julius Eastman, a genius Afro-American minimal composer who did not shy away from art as a medium of political expression, and secondly a project that questions through artistic reflection the place and confluence of knowledge and economics within society.
For this project, they invited twelve international artists working primarily with sound installations to produce new works to reflect and position themselves within “Knowledge Societies”. The project explores also how sound becomes haptic, tactile and textual in arts, society, politics and economics.
Participating Artists include Gilles Aubry (CH) and Zouheir Atbane (MA), Younes Baba-Ali (MA)




Article posted by Noel Maurice

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