funkyrotic art about a photograph’s soul, the positive energy of being sexy and the creative scene in Berlin

The funkyrotic art project has just been back from a promotion tour with fresh ideas and new impulses. The German artist tells us about her art, projects in progress and emotions and people involved.

1. Where do you get your inspiration? Advertising, movies, fashion magazines – basically anything that plays with roles – is slipping into weird characters or playing with sterotypes.

2. Do you feel Berlin is a city that encourages the creative spirit? I feel that Berlin is a city that attracts a lot of artists. Berlin is a diverse city where each “Bezirk” is like an own little town. And: Berlin is a city where the underground plays a big and accepted role. If you made it underground your value and appreciation is more profound than if you had been shown in a big gallery. That’s not true though but it is a nice feeling that encourages young artists to express themselves.

3. Where do you find the people that you photograph? I like photographing myself because I am so available. I photograph friends and strangers – and I always try and trigger different unknown sides of people. I love to surprise them with a piece of art that makes them see – this can be me – I am beautiful or weird or dangerous – it’s great: it gets the kiddo out of people again!

4. Why do you do what you do? I dunno – but I guess because I can.

5. Why do you do it the way you do it? Because I am in search of weirdness and beauty and triggering those two things in the object of my piece of art.

6. Should pictures be big or small? That is a strange question. I don’t think beauty is a question of big or small. Some pictures – especially close-up faces – impress us by being tall. On the other hand it gives us satisfaction and a sense of intimacy to observe pictures by having to look a bit closer.

7. Should art be bought and sold or given away? Both of course. Art should be an experience for everybody. But everybody should also be able or aim at having some art for themselves. I think you live with paintings in a way. They accomany your life and thus it is not possible to give them away easily. They become part of your life. And beauty, interpretation and value lie in the eye of the beholder. People who buy art or give art away as a present will always remember the circumstances under which they have bought it. This makes a picture a lot more special than some art hanging up in a museum.

8. Once you create a piece of art, does it continue to belong to you? Once I created it – yeah, how could’nt it? Or do you mean once I’ve sold it? It will always belong to me – whether I possess it or not.

9. What about people like Banksy, who create their art in public spaces? Their art is great – I really like a lot of street art. This art will always belong to the creator. The street artists don’t sell their work but still it seems to be visible for only a selective crowd of people who are willing to experience it. I have the feeling that a lot of street artists have a great sense of humour and that they are mocking themselves a lot of the time about the narrow-mindedness of the so called art-scene. That’s cool.

10. Do you think that taking someone’s photo steals their soul? If I thought that – how could I do what I do? No, I do not believe this. Taking a photo gives the soul a split second of what the possessor of that soul is like in that moment. The soul reflects on this – it’s enriching.

11. Do you think they’re OK with that? I think most souls are flattered to be shown a different side of their personality.

12. Do you think people have souls? Absolutely. We are definitely not only blood and flesh. There’s more and this more is energy that goes on into the world after we die – for the good or the bad.

13. Do you think they’re OK with that? I don’t think there’s a lot of reflection about that – and if there was – there is no way we could change that anyway.

14. The name funkyrotic and many of the pictures have a strong erotic undertone – is that thought out – are you deliberately trying to make a point with that – and what is the point – or does it just naturally happen? Who doesn’t like anything erotic? And there is erotic pose and gesture in everybody everyday – plus: it’s almost always positive energy – I like that. It’s getting goodness out of people and out of myself.

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