Flow Festival 2019 hits up Helsinki this weekend!

This weekend sees the 2019 edition of Flow Festival come to life – and there are still a handful of last-minute tickets available if you’re in the mood for an adventure.

With a jaw-dropping lineup set to perform against the beautiful backdrop of the Finnish capital, it’s sure to be this summer’s must-see event. A celebration of all that Helsinki has to offer, the weekend will be packed with intriguing art, delicious food, and some of the most exciting artists the international music scene currently has to offer. Plus, it’s an incredibly eco-friendly endeavour, so you can deftly avoid the single-use guilt that seems to have become a staple of so many festivals.


We’re preposterously keen to see Father John Misty live, but if he doesn’t float your boat, there’s an abundance of other world-class musicians ready to entertain you.  This year is the festival’s fifteenth birthday, so expect the organisers to pull out all the stops.

As Helsinki is still something of a tourist secret, you’ll still experience the authenticity so many hotspots seem to lack. There’s no other culture quite like it – and with such a unique and electrifying arts scene, you’d be a fool to miss this opportunity to explore it.

Naturally, the pair of free tickets we had to offer were snapped up immediately, but if you’re feeling spontaneous, you can get your hands on weekend and day passes here. These won’t last forever though (you snooze you lose and all), so be quick!

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  • Reply August 18, 2019

    Fairy of the Forest

    Flow Festival is cool. It sounds like the latest album “Flow State” from Tash Sultana, a supercool dude lady and musician that recently played at Zitadelle in Spanda..would be so cool if the crew would understand me all the time but actually it was not really easy to do what I wanted the latest month.. I know there are a lot of people out there waiting for me not to stay at home but moderate and perform live. Baby will surely understand that I write this message after everything having had a lconfused day with the rest of the world lately. I tried to to “join the tribe”all the time and still believe in my friends and family and in the club spread the news

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