Fête Fatale No. 11: The Burlesque Fairy Tale – October 2nd at the Bassy

In a land far far away there was an Evil Queen who ruled the Burlesque Kingdom. Step into the enchanted forest and become one of her mystical creatures amongst Unicorns, Fire Faries, Horn Hansel, Rebellious Rapunzel, Porno Princesses, Naughty Knights, Snoring Beauty, Delicious Dwarfs, The Big Bad Wolf, Little Raunchy Riding Hood.

Watch out for the Evil Witch and her three ugly daughters – Bitcherella, Repulsive Repunzel, Blow White & her Seven Grams. They have a plan to seduce an innocent victim and have their wicked was with them.

Enjoy decadent and mystical Burlesque performances by

Tronicat La Miez


Erochica Bamboo

Marlene Von Steenvag

Contact Juggling by Beatrice Baumann

Fire Dancing by Alea Feuerbach 

Your host The Evil Queen Erna Pachulke 
Musical Magicians (D.js) Dr Hirshcfeld & Emmanuelle 5

Prizes – Costume Contest, Game Show. Dance Floor – party + show and much much more!

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