Exhibition Preview: The Faultless Painter – Less is More

Asia Contemporary Art Platform – NON Berlin

Chausseestraße 11/ Entrance Tieck Str., 10115 Berlin, Germany

September 23 and September 24

The North Wind And The Sun, Alaric Hobbs, 2014

The North Wind And The Sun, Alaric Hobbs, 2014

The Faultless Painter:Less Is More is a group exhibition bringing together the work of an international mix of Berlin-based artists.

The show is curated by Alaric Hobbs, who asked participants to respond to the simple premise of less is more. “I wanted individual artistic responses to this idea, for example a restriction in the use of colour in a painting, or a restrained method within a sculpture. I haven’t imposed any strict interpretation of what it should mean. That said, I want to see responses that aren’t simply contemporary minimalism,” he said. Hobbs has brought together a group of artists hailing from Britain, France, Switzerland, Iran, Germany, New Zealand, and Brazil, combining practices as diverse as the range of nationalities.

Self-imposed restriction is a strategy employed by many artists. Bridget Riley was notably influenced by Igor Stravinsky’s ideas around this methodology.

As well as mentioning his ideas in interviews, she once quoted the composer in an exhibition catalogue: “My freedom will be so much the greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action.” Perhaps in the Internet age, when everything is possible and available in an instant, such limitations are more necessary than ever.

The premise sits in an interesting contrast to the curatorial philosophy of Hobbs, who drew the artists together via an open online call for proposals. “It’s interesting seeing just how different artists can be. You get all kinds of people united by the fact that they choose to make art. Sometimes you think everyone’s going to be on a similar wavelength, though that’s not necessarily the case at all. I’ve have been thinking about it with the way I present myself in clothing. I used to wear such a mismatch of stuff and then I learnt from travelling that people who conform to an ideal don’t necessarily portray themselves in the way they dress. Bringing those points of difference together is where it gets interesting. The outcome can be electric or terrible.”

Whilst the exhibitions title references painting, it will also include photography, drawing, and sculpture. The many different ways of experiencing or expressing a response to the premise will be on display. With Less is More, no doubt Hobbs is figuring on an electric outcome.


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